1.     What is the frequent driver?

It is an application that grants points for the miles travelled. Points which could be changed by attractive discounts, in a great variety of product categories and services through the application with the partner companies. In addition, you will have the maintenance of your vehicle updated and every repair done and you will have all together inside the App.

2.     What are the requirements to use the frequent driver?

Just download the application, which is free! Once you have Frequent Driver on your favorites screen, just make sure you allow geolocation (it is essential for adding kilometers and to generate points).
Ahhh! Do not forget to open it when you drive your car! Like who fasts his/her seatbelt. Something that is never forgotten ... It can work in the foreground or in the background, how you prefer.

3.     How do I get points?

You only have to do what you do every day. You ride your car, bus, train, taxi, truck, etc. ... and the application will start adding points.

4.     How many points do I get per kilometer?

It is completely automatic. You are awarded one point per each 10km covered.

5.     How do I accumulate points with the App Frequent Driver?

Every time you get a ride, you just have to open the App, leave it opened and it is all. As soon we receive miles you travelled, automatically, all these points will be added to your profile. If you would not have connection at that time, points will be added when you have data again.

6.     Are the points accumulated in real time?

Points are updated every time your mobile device has internet connection (data access). It could be a slight delay in accumulated points information, in case you lost connection at some point. As soon you recover connection, your profile will be updated with new points information (which is saved).

7.     7. How can I redeem my points?

Just check the promotion you like most, click on the image to see the details of that promotion and click on "REDEEM" button.
Whenever you want, check FD App to see all the campaigns available at that moment, they will be changing and updating each week, browse different categories: travel, leisure, catering, sport, fashion ... etc. Last category is "Radar" to geolocalize nearest spot offers.
You will see in each offer, the points you need, and just with a single click ... enjoy! That is why you traveled so many miles.  J

8.     How can I earn extra points?

Recommend the App to your friends! In the drop-down menu (upper-left) you will find a button that says "invite friends". Every time you share Frequent Driver you will get 20 extra points just form you chair.

9.     When can I start using my points?

Haven’t you started yet? Start today! See if all points you have accumulated are enough to get the desired offer and enjoy your choice.

10. If I redeem some points for a discount and then I do not use it, could I recover these points?

No. Once the discount points have been changed, they cannot be recovered, even if the selected discount is not used.

11. . What should I do if an error occurs while I make the change of points in an offer?

If during the process of obtaining the offer you suffered any type of error, please send us an email to hello@frequentdriver.com in order to review what could have happened. Sorry for the inconvenience.           

12. Can I request several discounts at a time?

No. If you want to request several discounts, remember to request them separately. Always clicking on the "REDEEM" button that has each offer.

13. If I do not have enough points, can I pay the difference in Euros?

No. All offers which appear in the App can just be obtained by redeeming points.

14. Do offers expire?

The offers have a period of validity. If an offer interests you, redeem your points as quickly as possible in order to do not run out of it.

15. Do the coupons expire?

Yes, coupons / discounts obtained must be used within the period indicated in each case. You can see the specific conditions inside each offer.

16. Are there only the offers published in the App?


17. Where can I see offers to redeem my points?

Enter in the App and browse different categories to discover discounts we have prepared for you. And if you see something you like, do not delay in redeeming, stock and time is limited.

18. Can I redeem my points from abroad?

Yes. You can exchange your points from abroad if the offers in FREQUENT DRIVER are present in that place. You can also redeem your points from your usual zone with the foreign offer we have available at that time. You can redeem points as long as the validity of the coupon allows.

19. Can I redeem my points for tickets to parks or leisure activities?

Yes, please consult all our leisure proposals in the specific category of the App.

20. Where can I redeem points near my address?

In "radar" category (the last in the horizontal menu), you will discover all the offers closest to your current location.

21. Who can use my Frequent Driver points?

Any member of your family or friends could use Frequent Driver discounts, using points from your account.

22. If I uninstall the App and I install it again, do I keep my points?

Yes, points are kept in your account because they are stored in your profile information.

23. What can I do if the App does not work?

In case the App has a malfunction, we recommend you to send us an email to hello@frequentdriver.com in order we can review what has happened. Sorry for the inconvenience.

24. How do I know how many points I have?

In order to check your point status you have to enter in the App by using your profile. They will appear on the top of the first screen. You can also view your point status in the bottom button "Status of points".

25. What should I do if points are not reflected in my account?

First, make sure you have internet connection and wait a few seconds. In case your points would not be loaded on your profile, we recommend you to send us an email to hello@frequentdriver.com so we can review what has happened. Sorry for the inconvenience.

26. Where can I check redeemed coupons made?

Nowadays, the App does not save the history of the transactions made.

If we see that it is a necessity for you, we will not hesitate to put it quickly. J

27. Is there a gift category?

Yes, you can find some "Gifts" ideas inside the section where the available categories are shown.

28. How can I contact you?

Please send us an email to hello@frequentdriver.com, and we will contact you back as soon as we can.

29. How can I be part of your patnership companies?

Please send us an email to hello@frequentdriver.com or enter the web frequentdriver.com and fill out our form, our partner department will contact you rapidly.

30. Can I change or cancel my order?

Once you have confirmed the change of points with an offer, your request is processed automatically and it cannot be changed and / or canceled.

31. How can I change my vehicle data?

In order to update the data of your vehicle, you can do it from your profile details.

To update the records of the maintenance of your car, you would have to contact your workshop.

32. How do I link to my favorite Garage?

In the drop-down menu (upper-left) you will see "My Garages": find your favorite car workshop/garage by name or on the map and ask for an appointment. This way you will be connecting directly with them.
Doesn’t your workshop appear? OMG !! Tell him to please update itself connecting with FD App!!!

33. Can I have more than one favorite car workshop or garage?


34. What are the general conditions of the Frequent Driver Points Program?

To know the details of the conditions of use of Frequent Driver, we advise that you read our document of "terms and conditions"